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01.05 t/m 30.07.2021

Daleen Bloemers

It's rather obvious why the latest exhibition by artist Daleen Bloemers at Salon Salon FRINGE is suitable when you consider what work is on display there. FRINGE has, among others, the following two definitions:
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-    Not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.
-    The unconventional, extreme, or marginal part of a group or sphere of activity.
A band of contrasting brightness or darkness produced by diffraction or interference of light.

Both meanings seem to resonate in the work of Daleen Bloemers. Both in appearance and content.

Judging by her collages of mediatised images of skin and bodies and laced with glitches, Bloemers seems to want to talk mainly about physical identity. Yet this is not what initially interests her. Instead, she is keen to deal with the psychological aspects of the concept of identity.

Within the psychology of identity, the pathology (or: decomposition/forms of expression) of the disturbing self-image has special attention.
The struggles of the individual who tries to relate to the world and gets into trouble.

It is these fringes, which exist in all of us, that Daleen Bloemers wants to investigate. Not as a scientist purely systematic, but as an artist and rather intuitively. A method that can often lead to highly abstract results.

You can visit FRINGE from Saturday 1 May - Friday 30 July 2021. (by appointment)

For more information please don't hesitate to contact the gallery.

Salon Salon will ensure visitors can enjoy a safe and pleasant environment using, if necessary, registration via email or phone and adjusted opening hours to ensure that a 1.5-metre distance is respected.

Daleen Bloemers
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