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opening: Friday 25 March
5 - 8 PM

25.03 t/m

Of(f) The Grid brings together the works of Bram Vanderbeke, Tim Mastik 
and Tim Reuser who share a passion for researching material qualities, tactility and repetition. They are also intrigued by grids.
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By stacking similar or modular components, either sculpturally or on canvas, all three artists are looking to achieve a rhythmic quality. Although the word ‘grid’ implies a very geometrical and stern method of working, a certain degree of imperfection is allowed to permeate the final outcome. It’s these flaws and glitches that stress the sensibility and human touch present in each of these works, which ultimately give them their poetic allure.

Bram Vanderbeke approaches industrial construction materials such as mortar, bricks and concrete with great sensibility. While some of his objects possess an austere geometrical quality, others reveal a more coarse and primal nature. This attests his love for experimenting with these different materials as well as his drive to explore space and rhythm. His works are both autonomous and functional - an ambiguity Bram deliberately aims for.

The works of Tim Mastik echo his obsession with repetition and use of materials. Playing with rhythm, symmetry and asymmetry, he creates an un-expected dynamic between colour and form. Characteristic of his minimalist works is the use of seemingly simple shapes and great attention to detail.

Tim Reuser’s work is often based on a certain trouvaille, or find, which he encounters during the process of researching a certain material or subject. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of a material, creating new shapes or 
a more conceptual approach - the process is always a key factor which is ultimately highlighted in the end result.

Of(f) The Grid - Salon Salon
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